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Since 1983, Tielke’s Sand­wiches has been serv­ing
con­ve­nience stores and other loca­tions in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota with qual­ity ser­vice and
prod­ucts. With our guar­an­teed sales pro­gram, you can’t lose. Our team makes sure you have the prod­ucts you need to meet the demand of your cus­tomers. Weekly deliv­er­ies, pro­fes­sional ser­vice, and the qual­ity of the prod­ucts are what con­tin­ues to make Tielke’s Sand­wiches num­ber one in the eyes of their busi­ness partners.

Deli­cious sand­wiches are not all you can get with Direct Store Delivery.


The fol­low­ing prod­ucts are also available:

  • Jerky & Beef Sticks
  • Bur­ri­tos
  • Muffins & Frozen Pastries
  • Pizza & Hot Pockets
  • Hot Dogs
  • Pick­les

Direct Store Deliv­ery Prod­uct LineWarmer Prod­uct Line