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Beth Tielke

Tielke’s First Deliv­ery Vehi­cle — The Fam­ily Car

Over 30 years ago, the fam­ily owned Tielke’s Sand­wiches started when Beth Tielke started mak­ing sand­wiches for lunch in her dairy sup­ply store in O’Neill, Nebraska. The sand­wiches were so good, local stores started ask­ing for them to sell.

Each day work would start early as the fam­ily would make the sand­wiches by hand for their cus­tomers. Once they were fin­ished, Mrs. Tielke would load up her car and start deliv­er­ing them. She would stop at each busi­ness and make sure they had plenty of
deli­cious Tielke’s Sand­wiches to sell to their cus­tomers. Once word got out about the qual­ity and taste of the sand­wiches, the busi­ness out­grew the fam­ily car.
tielkes first logo

Sand­wiches such as the Hoagie, Triple Treat, and Ham & Cheese were
pop­u­lar sta­ples early on and are still pop­u­lar today. Tielke’s makes over 80 dif­fer­ent sand­wiches to sup­ply their cus­tomers in 16 states. Each sand­wich is still made the same way today as it was in the begin­ning – by hand.

Today Tielke’s still per­son­ally deliv­ers its sand­wiches to cus­tomers in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota.

Utiliz­ing part­ner­ships with ven­dors and dis­trib­u­tors, Tielke’s con­tin­ues to expand into new mar­kets and states.